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Who We Are

Who we are
Jia Hua Law Firm is a well-established legal practice known to be one of the earliest partnership law firms in Shanghai approved by the Shanghai Municipal Judicial Bureau on June 2, 1995, headquartered in Xujiahui, one of the core business centers in Shanghai, and also has a presence in Beijing.
Since its establishment, Jia Hua Law Firm’s experience and specialization extends to wide areas. It has undertaken a number of lawsuits and legal services. Our practices include commercial law, real estate, intellectual property, taxation, construction, banking, e-commerce, education, telecommunications, foreign investment, international commerce, corporate affairs and finance securities and many other fields.
Most importantly, Jia Hua’s wealth of professional legal experience and strict ethical views contribute to an unparalleled reputation. With its quality legal services, Jia Hua has gained a stable customer base encompassing government agencies, domestic and overseas well-known enterprises, social groups and individuals.

Our History of Development

The excellent culture and constant innovative spirit is Jiahua’s magic key for the maintenance of sustainable development and competitive advantage, “raising head to be a lawyer, and bowing head to do business,” Looking back the past 15 years, old and new Jiahua people, going through painstaking works and standing together through storm and stress, has witnessed the opening and reform and the growth of lawyer industry in China, and accepted challenges and opportunities of times, we have opened up a legal service market advancing with the times, and continuously improved economic benefits while sticking to the value standard of serving people, as a result, valuable and firm footprints have been left for the improvement of legal construction in harmonious society, and won the firm respects and wards from all parties.

Our Commitment
Since our first client’s first representation 15 years ago, Jiahua has committed to:
Adhering to the integrity-based and morality-valued practice approach, Jiahua has been, from clients’ perspective, carrying on the working concept of pursuing excellence and forging ahead with determination, a client-oriented service awareness has been established through accurate professional judgment, rich experience in representation, full respect to clients’ needs for custom legal service, and deep understanding towards clients’ value for safeguarding their own legal rights, to provide active, constructive and operable solutions to clients; Jiahua has made full mobilization of all social resources and favorable factors to provide clients with value-created chamberlain legal service and high cost-effective legal products based on subdivision of specialties and teamwork.

Our Team

Jiahua has always given priority to the law talent strategy for the development of the firm, a large number of well-known lawyers, and lawyers who are expert in newly-emerged specialties with multiple knowledge backgrounds and consideration of both legality and benefits have been introduced and trained, the firm now boasts a elite lawyer team comprised lawyers with rich working experience and solid theoretical foundation from years of trial and procuratorial work in People’s Court and People’s Procuratorate at all levels, and members from government law advisory committees and special law advisory bodies, labor disputes arbitrators and trade arbitrators, and responsible officers and members of law societies, bar associations and other academic law organizations, who have been involved in the modification and demonstration of laws and regulations and judicial interpretations.
Meanwhile, Jiahua also brought in dozens of well-known experts at home and abroad in areas of law, economy, audition, taxation, management and other related fields, and scholars and celebrities as Senior Advisors, the professional knowledge of law, direct legal practices and extensive social resources they brought contributes to Jiahua’s outstanding competitive advantage. Jiahua has also established long-term stable strategic partnership with many organizations at home and abroad to make every lawyer’s expertise and advantage into maximum play through a complementary and win-win mode of operation, while providing clients with comprehensive and extensible legal service covering various industries.

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